Merrychef eikon e5

High volumes, reduced cook times and premium quality

Looking to serve your guests high quality and intricate dishes including premium quality steaks, pastries and fish?

Enjoy premium quality fast with the Merrychef eikon e5. With its extra large capacity (2/3 GastroNorm), the e5 is perfect for simultaneous preparation of several dishes and/or side dishes.

The Merrychef eikon e5 is capable of high volume productivity whilst being 5 x faster than traditional methods; the e5 is the best solution for larger restaurants, caterers and canteens

Merrychef eikon e5

the perfect solution for:

• Larger restaurants and snack bars
• Pubs
• Bars
• Caterers
• Hotels
• Canteens/food counters

perfect for the following dishes

• Pizza
• Wraps and Flat Breads
• Toasted Subs

Merrychef eikon e5 — enjoy these benefits:

• Simple operation with easyToUCH™ Touchscreen control
• Up to 15 x faster preparation times
• Download recipes via the USB port
• Rapid cooking with high quality repeatable results
• Ventless operation
• Also perfect for preparing egg white dishes